On-Line Ordering during COVID-19

Pre-Ordering for Market Pickup

We are now finished for the season and the online store is closed until next year.  We thank you all for your support!

To facilitate less contact and faster exchanges we are encouraging people to pre-order so that it is ready to go when you get to market, there are two options:

  1. For years we have taken pre-orders for market pickup.  Just reply to the Newsletter or email us at peregrinefarm1981@gmail.com by noon the day before market (Friday for Saturday) and we will have it ready for you.  You can pay with cash, check or credit card when you arrive at market.
  2. For those who want to reduce the amount of cash handling and contact we have set up an on-line store where you can put in your order and prepay with your credit card.  Again by noon the day before market.


The online store is now closed for the season.

Notice- If you don’t get a confirmation email then your order did not go through

Only the products listed in the current weeks newsletter or in the on-line store will be available for pre-order.  We will do our best to make sure we have as accurate quantity numbers as possible and update the on-line store frequently.  Know that we are building the plane as we are flying it.

Availability is a crystal ball guess that we do on Wednesday before we even harvest on Friday, know that it can change, usually for the better as we are conservative in our estimates.  Stuff happens fast out in the field both good and bad.

About the Tip Option at Checkout

We have added a tip option on the checkout page to help cover our increased expenses related to online sales especially for small orders which can run as high as 15% or more but average out to 5% across the board. We prefer do it this way instead of raising prices above what our standard prices are at the Market. You can change it or opt out if you want to, the 10% is the minimum the software would let us set. We greatly appreciate everyone who has added on the additional amount.

We will be donating, for the month of June, all of the “tips” above the processing fees from our online sales. to Campaign Zero.  Campaign Zero is a police reform campaign that advocates for research-based policy solutions to reduce police brutality against people of color.   It won’t be a ton of money but it is the least we can do and with generous gifts from Paige and Bob to kick it off and the generosity that you all have given us, it will be a start.  We will keep a running total in the newsletter, at the online store and here.  We donated $1500!

Curbside Pickup

For those of you who are being extra careful and don’t want to get into the market fray you can call us at market and we can bring your order to your car.  Your order already needs to have been received and paid for the day before via the on-line store, it helps us if you check the curbside pickup box on the shopping cart page so we know in advance.

Call (919) 314-7043 with your car type, color and where you are parked adjacent to the market and we will bring it to you.  It may take a few minutes depending on how busy we are and you need to be parked along either Bim Street or Laurel Ave.  For the best service park next to the barricade to the entrance to the little parking lot at the end of the Laurel Ave. shelter and across from the Montessori school, we can see you from our stall.

How to Behave at Market

  1. If you are sick or are in one of the groups at danger with the virus, stay home.
  2. Stay at least 6 feet away from other folks. We will remind you with a smile.
  3. As much as we all like to visit, we need everyone to shop and head home to minimize the time of potential exposure for all of us.
  4. If you have kids, leave them at home if possible. The playground is closed anyway.
  5. Do not touch any of the products for sale, let the vendors handle all the product, they will bag and wrap it and hand it to you.
  6. Make sure you follow all of the new rules at the market including the direction of travel around the market.
  7. Wear your face mask, we will have ours.
  8. and of course, wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer.

We are all in a strange new world and it will take all of us working together to make it smoother.