Peregrine Farm In the Press

Pieces about the farm in the press and other places

A short film about us by the Southern Foodways Alliance

My 2017 comments to the NC General Assembly about the need for health insurance for farmers.

If you have a lot of stamina or want to know more about how our farm business works and our transition plans you can listen to Alex talking with Chris Blanchard on his Farmer to Farmer Podcast series.  Warning it is an hour and a half!

Here is Alex’s talking head video from Farm Aid 2014

Betsy makes the NY Times for the Gathering of Agrarian Elders

News & Observer- One Farm Grows Many Farmers a 4/30/13 piece about many of the folks who have worked for us that now have farms

UNC-TV 12/08/09 part of the Environmental Heroes series

2006 National Public Radio interview with Melissa Block

SARE Patrick Madden Award for Sustainable Agriculture

The Fellowship of Southern Farmers, Artisans and Chefs- Introducing the Fellowship and the official Southern Foodways Alliance page

Published material also on the web:

Toward Sustainable Agriculture Systems in the 21st Century (2010)–  this study by the National Academies of Science on how sustainable agricultural systems are evolving.  We were one of nine new case studies, nationwide, in the report.

The New American Farmer, Profiles of Agricultural Innovation– we were fortunate to have our farm included with others from the Southern region

Building Better Soils for Better Crops– maybe the best lay mans book on sustainable soils management, a case study of our farm and rotations are included, pages 126-128.  (warning you will be downloading the entire book)

Just in Print:

Compact Farms– 2017 by Josh Volk.  We are one of 15 farms from around the country with in depth information on on all aspects of their successful operations.

Resilient Agriculture: cultivating food systems for a changing climate 2015 by Laura Lengnick, pages 156-161 we discuss how we are dealing with climate change

Storey’s Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables & Herbs for Market 2013 by Keith Stewart, pages 28 & 29