11/19/09 Vol. 6 #27

Just a week to go until that finest of American holidays, Thanksgiving.  I think it is really the anticipation of all the great food but the food does seem to mark the entry into the “in the house” months.  That time of year when it seems right and comfortable to be inside more than out.  Long cooking sessions, a constant fire in the woodstove, catching up on a years worth of reading.
We have been busy both here on the farm and off.  The cover crops look great and that nearly five inches of rain last week finally got the creek flowing again.  We have gotten almost all of Betsy’s overwintered flowers in the ground and they look fantastic, Dutch iris, anemones, ranunculus, gloriosa daisy, larkspur and others.  With our decision not to leave the country this fall, we have been invigorated and motivated towards projects around here.  I have finally had time to finish up the rest of the exterior trim on the house and will actually start painting tomorrow!  Betsy has been working in the recreational flower beds, pruning, planting and mulching.  The glorious fall weather has made it even more enjoyable.
Away from the place we have had the usual fall meetings to attend.  Betsy made a quick trip to New York for the Cut Flower growers national meeting and we both have had plenty of local meetings to attend including a couple of very pleasant dinners with Eliot Coleman and Will Allen (who was here to speak last week).  I have even managed a few early season hiking trips including a once in a lifetime trip down the Paria river canyon in Utah.  So no we are back for the holiday season before we head off after the New Year for more events.
I just came in from harvesting carrots and leeks for next Monday night’s Panzanella Local Thanksgiving Dinner.  This farm dinner is featuring multiple farms and the menu looks really good but no turkey, just to spare us before the big day.  Here is the menu, we will be there Monday night as well.
Pictures of the Week

Beautiful stuff for Thanksgiving, Boston lettuce, Collards, Lacinato Kale, Celery, Turnips, Spinach, Carrots, Beets

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