6/24/09 Vol. 6 #14

We are beginning to get caught up around here but the record setting blueberry crop continues on.  Into a fifth week, we have never picked for more than four weeks and that has only happened a few times.  Today is the last official pick as there are very few berries left and the birds sense it, every time I walk by there is great fluttering away of all kinds of winged thieves.  We always get behind during the blueberry picking fiesta and that combined with the rains compounded the amount of projects needed to be done.  Thankfully this week has been dry and reasonable for getting stuff done.

Two fun things going on this coming week and in the near future that you can help with, both will benefit the Carrboro Farmers’ Market.  First up is 3 CUPS, the wine, coffee and tea store on S. Elliott Rd. is donating 5% of its sales next Monday through Thursday (June 28-July 2) to the market.  It was kicked off last night with a social at the store with a number of vendors from the market and a few customers, very kind of them to host us and do this benefit.  For more information you can see it here

The second is you can go to and vote for the Carrboro Farmers’ Market as your favorite market.  We have a really good chance to win $5000.  This money would allow the market to do some really important projects that we have on our list of things to do to improve the market.  Voting continues until September 17th.  We are currently in fifth place and moving up rapidly, please vote and help us win!

The onion harvest was completed yesterday and we have never had better red onions.  They are now curing in the greenhouse and will be at market from here until Labor Day.  The last of the Big Tops was covered last Wednesday and the late planting of tomatoes went in the ground on Friday.  The change of seasons continues as most of the spring crops are mowed down now and I have begun to prepare soil for the seeding of the summer cover crops.  From here on in we get into more measured summer pace, no frenzied days trying to get things done before the next rain or spring cold front, just calm management of the summer crops.

Picture of the Week
The Spring flower block disked up ready for cover crop seed

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