9/8/04 Vol. 1 #25

Let’s see how does that go?  Forty days and forty nights…?  Another 3.2 inches of rain in the last couple of days making it hard to get anything done.  I was on the tractor on Monday beginning to get soil prepared for winter cover crops and was chased off by the rain, now it will be another week before it is dry enough.  The gravel that was on the driveways is well on its way down to Jordan Lake, we have at least a half a mile of roads on the farm that will take a few days to pull them back up the hill, some of them look like the Grand Canyon!  It is times like these that we look brilliant for deciding to stop selling the end of September, these are precisely the kind of conditions that make it really hard to produce consistently good fall crops.  Heavy rains that make it hard to get crops started followed by huge disease, weed and insect pressure.  I take my hat off to those at the market who continue on in the fall!  I hope that you all will continue to support them at market knowing they are waging a considerable battle to bring that produce to market.

We did manage to get the winter squash out of the field, washed and in storage, look for them this week.  Not a great yield this year, got them in a little late and then too much powdery mildew disease.  The last of the tomatoes came down this week as well, now the turkeys will move into that field and finish the clean up.  Mowing, mowing, mowing trying to keep up with the grass and taking down the remnants of the summers crops so we can someday get them turned under.

News on the turkey front.  After talking to a large pastured turkey producer in California it looks as if we can keep the turkeys unfrozen/fresh for Thanksgiving.  This whole situation is very frustrating in that you can not get a straight answer from either the NC Department of Agriculture or the USDA as to how long you can keep a turkey at what temperature.  There simply are no official written guidelines or regulations, amazing.  Fortunately we have connections that put us in contact with this producer who also is a processor and knows exactly how to do it properly.  Nothing like hands on experience to clear up a problem!  The last hurdle is to check with our refrigeration guy to make sure that our walk in coolers can be operated at the temperature that we need to keep the birds at.  I will let you know next week if we will have the birds fresh and not frozen.  For those of you who want a frozen bird we can still make that happen too.  About half the birds are reserved now, I will make sure that I bring reservation forms to market for folks to fill out there if they would prefer.

Picture of the Week
The sleepy creek just below our house (which is 100 feet to the left)

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