Peregrine Farm News Vol. 7 #26, 9/8/10

What’s been going on?

It is getting crispy and brown again out in the fields, at least where it is not irrigated. A few notable weather statistics from this summer. Because we all had our eyes focused on Earl last week it slipped by most people that both Raleigh and Greensboro set the records for the hottest meteorological summers (June, July, August) ever. RDU by two degrees! Most of these records are broken by a tenth of a degree or two, not whole units! The other record is still in play. Today will be the 80th day over 90, the record is 83 from 2007. We are already seven days ahead of the pace set in 2007, I am sure that one is going down too. I always like to think if we are going to suffer at least we should have a record to show for it.

Two reminders. Tonight is our farm dinner at Elaine’s on Franklin with Bret Jennings. What they are doing is a special pepper infused menu in addition to their regular menu so you can run either way. It looks might tasty to us:



$45 per person


fried shishito peppers w/ japanese sea salt


chile relleno w/ local goat cheese, abels black beans, cotija, cilantro & salsa verde


seed crusted n.c. tuna on olive oil mashed gold potatoes, spinach, cured lemon, fried parsley & sauce romesco


spicy grilled marinated skirt steak w/ chilaquiles, corn & cactus salsa, cotija cheese & a chile-cerveza sauce

lemon verbena-jalapeno sherbet

Betsy and I will be there for sure, I will go just about anywhere for a good relleno!

The other thing to not forget about is reserving your turkey for the Holidays, as it will slip by faster than one thinks and the orders are rolling in.

No more Wednesday markets for us, just not enough produce to fill out two markets well. We are moving into the full dismantling phase of fall farm chores as well. Only four rows of tomatoes left, the first of the Big Top covers come off today, the little tunnels are getting cleaned up and the all the wood oiled for the winter. By the end of next week the only things left in the field will be the peppers and a few rows of flowers. If it would just rain a bit we could begin to get soil ready for cover crops.

Picture of the Week

The green irrigated peppers, the dry mowed fields, the big poplars turning yellow and dropping leaves

What’s going to be at the market?

Thankfully the last planting of Crested Celosia is giving us some nice heads as the flower season continues to wind down with limited quantities. Some nice Zinnias of course. Crested Celosia back with the last planting. Betsy’s beautiful bouquets. Plenty of fragrant Oriental Lilies in white and pink and the non-fragrant Asiatic Lilies too.

This is the last big week of the pepper season so make sure you get what you want in the freezer now. In hot types there are plenty of beautiful Anaheims and Poblanos (maybe the best we’ve had in years), Jalapeno, Serrano, Cayenne and Passilla. Cayennes and Habaneros for the incendiary among us. The hotter than they should be Padrone and a few (not so hot) Shishito, the Spanish and Japanese snacking peppers, just quickly coat them in a pan with some hot olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt and eat the whole thing. The Peregrine Picante Pimientos are back with nice red, slightly hot, thick fleshed fruit. In Sweet peppers we have small supply of Purple Bells, lime green Cubanelles and Corno di Toros. Looks like a good supply of Red Bells, with small amounts of Yellow Bells this week too.

Tomato supply is very light. In Reds there is a small supply of Big Beefs. In cherry types there is a pretty good supply of Sungolds. More of the awesome Italian heirloom Eggplant. Basil to go with tomatoes. I think finally some of the Summer Crisp lettuce and a few bunches of Japanese Turnips and Easter Egg Radishes.

Hope to see you all at the market!

Alex and Betsy

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