Peregrine Farm News Vol. 8 #1, 3/24/11

What’s been going on?

Happy Spring to you all! Let’s see, where to begin? How about this is our 30th year growing crops for all of you. There is a gravitas that comes with three decades of doing something that I hadn’t really thought about until speaking at conferences this winter. I kept saying this was our 30th growing season and the looks in their (mostly) young eyes was of disbelief or no comprehension. It is like the concept of a billion of something, peoples brains can’t visualize how big a billion of something is or maybe it is like sailing and the curvature of the earth makes it so your world is only as far as you can see. So far from this side of the curve, it looks pretty good.

When your life is measured in seasons more than time- this was a wet one, that was a historic drought, the Easter freeze, hurricane Fran, etc. Your perspective becomes how they compare to each other more than when they actually happened. We can say that so far this is starting out to be a really marvelous year, last year not so much. All of the crops look so much better this spring than last and as good a start as we have had in several years. The staff started last week and we hit the ground running with the great weather. The little tunnels have been slid to their summer locations and the first tomatoes are going in today! We are on schedule with planting and have already cultivated all the crops in the ground as the conditions have been perfect.

It was a busy and slothful winter with both lots of meetings and trips away from the farm, as well as time in the house with all the cold weather. A great event for the Southern Foodways Alliance in Tennessee in early January and then a return to Tennessee for the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group’s meeting in Chattanooga, where I taught a couple of classes. The final conference of the season was a trip to Georgia Organics in Savannah where also gave a couple of workshops. It’s back to serious work now.

Picture of the Week

It is all about anemones right now

What’s going to be at the market?

Tomorrow is the last day the market starts at 9:00. Starting April 2nd we go back to the early 7:00 opening.

As some of you know we have been slipping down to market for the last month with Betsy’s beautiful Anemones which are running much earlier than last year and way ahead of the vegetables. If the temperatures stay warm then they may end quick. Lots for now though. There will probably be a few flowering branches and other things Betsy will sneak in.

In the vegetable fields it is going to be a few weeks until there is much to show. A little bit of Spinach this week and some baby Collards is all we can come up with.

Hope to see you all at the market!

Alex and Betsy

One thought on “Peregrine Farm News Vol. 8 #1, 3/24/11

  1. 30 Years! Congratulations! You’ve made an extraordinary difference in our community and our foodshed.

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