Peregrine Farm News Vol. 12 #4, 3/20/15

What’s been going on!

Ah the first day of Spring!  Feels like a long time coming and that the season is still behind despite the 80 degree temperatures this week.  Very little movement so far in the perennials, a few forsythia blooming, some green buds on the poplars and the blueberries are sending out flowers.

We know that it will all move fast soon and we must stay on schedule to keep up.  This week was time to slide the little tunnels and get ready to plant the very early tomatoes.  It is a two day process with the first day spent preparing the beds for tomatoes, cucumbers and other early warm season crops, including final tilling, irrigation lines, landscape fabric and building the trellis to support them later.

The second day we first have to unbolt the sliding tops from the rails, take off the end walls and other preparations so they will move easier.  Back in the day we used to slide them with just four of us but we must be getting weaker or they are getting heavier.  We now do it with at least six folks which means coaxing extra friends out to the farm for literally 10 minutes of work.  We only move two of the six tunnels by hand, the rest with the tractor.  This year I was able to get four students from my Advanced Organic Crop Production class to come out.

After the intense 10 minutes and after the additional helpers head off, we have an afternoon of rebolting, re-installing the end walls and general tidying the area but it is done and despite the yearly work of moving them we still think it is a superior system to stationary tunnels as far as soil health and production are concerned.


Newly uncovered lettuces, almost ready for market and covered tunnels ready for tomatoes next week.

What’s going to be at the market?

A world of beautiful Anemones in blues, purples and reds and the rose like Ranunculus in yellows, oranges and crimson.  Perfect for spring.

The first tiny bits of a new year’s harvest.  Spinach, Celtuce greens, Cilantro and Green Onions

As a reminder if there is anything that you would like for us to hold for you at market just let us know by e-mail, by the evening before, and we will be glad to put it aside for you.

Hope to see you all at the market!

Alex, Betsy and Jennie

If you know folks who you think would be interested in news of the farm then please feel free to forward this to them and encourage them to sign up at the website.

6 thoughts on “Peregrine Farm News Vol. 12 #4, 3/20/15

  1. Always enjoy your newsletters – thank you. Could you put 2 bags of spinach aside for me please? Many thanks and look forward to seeing you in the morning.


    PS Last week’s ranunculus are still looking lovely!

  2. Alex

    When did that high tunnel lettuce get transplanted? We did a early December but the quality wasn’t there. Thinking late January is better. Thx

  3. That’s some good looking lettuce y’all. And meant to tell you what a feat to get all that planted and seeded last week, impressive! We just got in with the tractor Wed. We’ve learned our lesson I guess. -A

  4. Espelette Peppers. Alex, you still growing these? We are, but this year’s crop of seeds from Terroir Seeds has less than 1 % germ rate! Can we buy some seeds from you? We need about 600 seeds. thanks Dave

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