Peregrine Farm News Vol. 16 #23, 8/20/19

What’s been going on! 

Well it has been a month and a half and so far it is going as we expected.  We did pick tomatoes up until almost the end of July, taking most of them to our friends at ACME restaurant for their Tomato Festival and other uses.  All of the tomato vines and other crops are now gone except for the one row of peppers that we have begun to enjoy and freeze for this winter’s consumption.  The cover crops have grown beautifully and soil tests have been taken for next year.

I have also spent most of my July mornings building the long awaited screen porch overlooking the creek.  It was really a steamy project but it went smoothly and I was picking up the tools by noon each day.  Not done yet but close, with the electric just started and then the ceiling to put up but that can wait until later in the fall after we get back from the West.

Tomorrow I fly out early for a long backpacking trip into the Wind River Range in Wyoming after which Betsy will fly in and I will pick her up for our big loop through Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.  By Thursday evening I will be at 10,000 feet enjoying the cool temperatures and magnificent views!  When we get back it will be time to turn under all the cover crops and begin the soil preparations for next year’s plantings.  Look for pictures on Instagram and a newsletter when we return.

Pictures of the Week

IMG_20190722_101341Beautiful summer cover crops and new ones just seeded

IMG_20190801_113056 The screen porch

Hope to see you all soon at the market!

Alex and Betsy

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