Food with a face, a place and a taste.

That was our slogan for years and could not have been more true.  Over the years many pieces about us have accumulated on the web and in other places as well.  This website is our attempt to gather it all together in one place for y’all to see.  Hopefully it will definitely put a face on the place.  The place is still here and the face (us) too but in 2021 we decided to retire after 40 years of farming so you can no longer enjoy the taste of our labors.  For 36 years you would have found us at the Carrboro Farmers’ Market and our vegetables, blueberries and cut flowers or found them at one of these great locations.

From 2004 through 2021 we also sent out a weekly e-newsletter, primarily in season, that chronicles our daily lives in words and pictures.  Many people ask about where they can see the past newsletters so they are archived here and on the right hand side of the page, categorized by year.  We will continue to write an occasional newsletter with news of our new adventures and if you are subscribed to it the old fashioned way you will still receive it in your email inbox.  If you are not currently a subscriber to the newsletter you can sign up for it and the other posts on the blog,  on the top right of the page.

Peregrine Farm is perched on the hills above the Haw River, in the Eli Whitney community of Alamance county, North Carolina.  Just west of the Carrboro/Chapel Hill metroplex.  Since 1981 our intent was to grow the finest cut flowers, small fruit and vegetables for the Triangle market.  Developing a sustainable farming system using the most environmentally responsible methods and materials was a guiding principle from the beginning.  A member of the Carrboro Farmers’ Market starting in 1986, we are still committed to building a local food system with the Market as the major outlet for local products.  You can read more about our story here.

11 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I met you at the Breeze Farm Class at the Cooperative Extension Service and learned a lot in just a couple of hours! You have a great business and I can’t wait to come to the market and buy some of your new crop! Hope the weather will turn nice now! Happy growing.

  2. Alex & Betsy,
    Can’t believe we’ve been gone from Chapel Hill for eight years! Boy, do I miss your heirloom tomatoes! – I’ve found something similar to a green zebra in Switzerland but nothing like the Purple Cherokees. Everything here is seasonal especially since the Swiss aren’t too keen on importing.
    Fingers crossed I made it to the Farmer’s Market when I’m in NC visiting. And if you’re ever around Basel, Switzerland- come visit.

  3. Hey Alex and Betsy,
    Just saw a couple paragraphs about you guys in an article about farm transitions. We’re doing something very similar, and her name is even Jennifer! We should talk! Any chance one of you will be at PASA? If not, maybe we can schedule a phone or skype thing. Looking forward to sharing some ideas.
    Jim Crawford
    814 599 2777

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