Peregrine Farm News Vol. 16 #1, 1/3/19

What’s been going on! 

Happy 2019!  Here we go into our 38th growing season, our 34th at the Carrboro Farmers’ Market and the 16th year of writing a newsletter; still almost impossible to comprehend that it has been that many years.  One way that we can gauge it is by the numbers of customers that we have who are the sons and daughters of folks who have shopped with us for a long time.

We were reminded of this last week as we were out visiting our dear friends Ben and Sarah.  Ben began coming to the Farmers’ Market with his grandmother probably back in the late 80’s and maybe sometimes with his mother who still shops every week with us.  You may remember Sarah as the Farmers’ Market manager from 2008-2012.  They now have a beautiful daughter who will be the 4th generation of Ben’s family who we will help feed and nourish!

We went to see them last week partly to help Ben get our old tractor started.  Two years ago our original tractor, that we bought in 1982, suffered what seemed to be a non-repairable hydraulic leek, or at least very hard to get parts for as three mechanics turned us away.  We bought a new tractor instead and planned to sell the old one for parts.  Ben and Sarah had bought a piece of land and needed a tractor for mowing and other jobs.  Ben is a good mechanic and felt sure that he could fix it so we gave our old standby to a good home.  Well it was a difficult task to find the parts but he did and finally after two years he has a solid working tractor.  Maybe it was that food of ours he was fed all those years?

Picture of the Week

 IMG_20181230_153128 (1)

4th generation Peregrine Farm eater on a play date, testing out the newly refurbished tractor

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