Peregrine Farm News Vol. 15 #5, 3/23/18

What’s been going on!

 First week of Spring, really.  Looks like after another round of snow flurries this weekend, the forecasters are threatening 70 degrees on Wednesday!  It is always hard to get full work weeks in this time of year when the weather is so uncooperative and cold.  Only so much fence maintenance, mulching and chainsaw work to do.  Once it warms up and dries out some there is always more to do with the crops in the field as planting and growth all speed up.

Today is tunnel sliding day for the earliest tomato planting.  I always feel that once we slide those tunnels over the prepared beds and trellises and get those plants in the ground then spring is really here, despite what the weather is doing.  Maybe it is just the thought of finally eating a good tomato again after nine long months.

We have been sliding these tunnels for over 20 years now and there is always a lot to do leading up to the actual moving including getting a few extra people here to help.  Back when Betsy and I were younger we could do it with only four people but these days it takes six, not sure what that means?  We are talking about starting to replace the old tunnels beginning this fall with new models that are easier to move, better technology for old and young bodies.

Picture of the Week


Jennie with a big pile of mulch on a cold morning being moved to the Blueberry field

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