Peregrine Farm News Vol. 17 #20, 6/3/20

What’s been going on! 

What a crazy and disconcerting week with the death of George Floyd and all the demonstrations and violence around the country.  You all know that I essentially never talk about anything other than the farm in this newsletter but these times are truly unusual.  Betsy and I were twelve in 1968 but we were still very aware of what was going on then, Betsy especially so as she lived not far from Newark, N.J..

There is not a lot we can do from here on the farm but we were inspired by our friends and fellow farmers Jillian and Ross Mickens at Open Door Farm who have decided to donate all of their online store credit card processing fee gifts to Campaign Zero.  Campaign Zero is a police reform campaign that advocates for research-based policy solutions to reduce police brutality against people of color.

We will be doing the same thing for the month of June with all of the “tips” above the processing fees from our online sales.  As they said, it won’t be a ton of money but it is the least we can do and with generous gifts from Paige and Bob to kick if off and the generosity that you all have given us, it will be a start.  We will keep a running total both at the online store and here.  So are we are at $232

It has been a beautiful week to be on the farm and we have been getting a lot done and it is an excellent diversion from the news.  It is the transition now to warm season crops as we mow down all of the early crops like Peas, Broccoli Raab, flowers and lettuces.  The tomatoes look great and we had our first BLT on Sunday!  Cucumbers are really beginning to produce and the basil that we thought we had lost to the downy mildew seems to be okay.

Picture of the week

P1050582Early rays of sun on the tomatoes surrounded by the electric netting to keep the critters away.

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