Peregrine Farm News Vol. 10 #31, 9/25/13

What’s been going on!

So as my gut indicated the Food Dialogues panel that I participated in last week was essentially an infomercial for Big Ag.  The panel looked somewhat balanced on the surface but there was no give and take allowed.  The moderator asked specific questions to specific panelists, after they answered it went on to the next question and panelist.  Very hard to have a “dialogue”, I tried as best I could to counter some points and to represent the sustainable/organic ag community but it was difficult in such a one sided forum.

Not sure about the other panelists but at least the large conventional farmers were definitely coached on what to say.  The basic message was GMO’s are totally safe, confinement (a term they never used) animal production is all about taking the best care of the animals and almost no antibiotics are used and we are all just family farmers.  Not sure how the video will be used on the internet but at least there were no more than 400 people who watched both in person and online.

Back on the farm fall preparations for winter are well underway.  Only a few summer crops left to finish up.  Our small crop of sweet potatoes and the tuberose bulbs were dug today to make way for soil turning.  Only two Big Tops left to uncover as soon as the last flowers are cut in the next week or so.  All empty fields have been mowed close and are ready to have mineral amendments added and then disked in.  In a week or so we should have all the fallow ground tilled, beds raised and cover crops seeded.

It is Liz’s last week before she starts her own fall and winter farm sales.  This last month is always a bit schizophrenic for her as she is busily tending her own crops while working here too.  By the time Friday arrives we will have everything we can finished up to take advantage of her good help, we will miss her presence all winter but she will be back in the spring.  Jennie has been working hard as well on the fall/winter fields and they look great despite the earlier setbacks and the large numbers of worms this fall.

 Picture of the Week


It is amazing how fast the cool season crops grow, remember this field from 3 weeks ago?

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