Peregrine Farm News Vol. 14 #24, 7/27/17

What’s been going on!

As we have said before, we have never used this newsletter for political discussion as we feel its intent is to let you all know about life on the farm and what it takes to do this thing we love but this is a different time and this Republican attack on everyone’s healthcare is now an existential threat to Peregrine Farm.  So this is not a discussion, we are requesting that you call our lame Senators right now and daily, all week, and tell them to vote no and to work with the Democrats to come up with real solutions to health insurance and healthcare  for all.  Call Sen Burr 202 224 3154 and Sen Tillis 202 224 6342.

You may have health insurance from your workplace but many of the employees in those restaurants you go to, the fishermen who catch the fish you love, the construction workers who fix your house and the farmers that grow your food do not, or won’t if the Republicans pass any of their plans.  We also expect you to get everyone you know to do the same and to work hard in the next elections to elect representatives that will actually represent their constituents, regardless of party.

Otherwise a standard midsummer week with lots of mowing to do, the first bits of fall plantings going in the ground and lots of seeding of fall crops in the greenhouse.  Tomato harvest twice a week and the increasing pepper harvest too.  Hiding out in the shade in the afternoons biding our time until our summer break in a few weeks.

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