Peregrine Farm News Vol. 15 #29, 9/20/18, Post Hurricane Florence

What’s been going on!

Another storm unlike any other.  While we were spared the worst of it, there are many people down east who were not, including farming friends of ours.  There will be a lot of money raised, donations and time given but most of the farming community will not be the focus of all that generosity.  Our friends at the Rural Advancement Foundation International are already working on helping farmers in the disaster area and need your donations to support their work.  This is one of the main things that RAFI does, come to the aid of farmers in crisis and assist them through all the red tape involved when their farms are in danger of being lost.

Our damage has been limited to just too much rain, nearly 8 inches with the 4 inches Sunday night and Monday morning sending the creeks and the Haw River way over their banks but that is not news to most people especially in Orange and Durham counties.  Jennie and I did a field walk this morning and some crops look better than others with the lettuces that were almost ready to harvest looking hard hit and beginning to bolt or go to seed, which is a reaction to stress.  Time will tell how the other crops respond but the peppers still look good.

The Haw River came way out of its banks and was supposed to crest somewhere near 26 feet but the gauge failed so it is hard to know exactly.  If it did get that high it would be the 8th highest ever recorded and the deepest since hurricane Fran.  It completely filled our bottom field and was certainly in the top 3 or 4 floods we have seen down there.  We had pulled the irrigation pump and there were not crops down there so fortunately for us really no damage.  Let’s hope fall will settle down and be pleasant.

Pictures of the Week

IMG_20180917_163943 Near high tide, it came up another 2 feet from this point

IMG_20180920_083652This is where the irrigation pump normally sits, the water was over the meter, neck deep, if you look close you can see the bathtub ring on the trees

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Peregrine Farm News Vol. 15 #28, 9/12/18

What’s been going on!

So now we wait.  All the storm preparations that we can do have been done.  The Big Tops have been uncovered.  The irrigation pump has been brought up the hill.  Everything that could possibly blow around has been gathered up and stowed in the workshop.  All the transplants have been moved into the greenhouse and all vehicles are gassed up and will be parked out in the field.  The chainsaw is tested and ready to go.  The staff is out picking peppers to store in the walk in cooler.  The last project will be to clamp the little tunnels down tight, probably tomorrow morning.

Like most folks we have been looking for days at Florence’s track and saying hurricane Fran, looks just like Fran but worse.  Those of us who lived through Fran are still scarred by the storm and the work afterwards.  But now, fingers crossed, it is looking like it will move across South Carolina instead.  We will still have winds in the 40 mph range and a lot of rain but hopefully there will not be as many trees down and the power will only be out for a short time.

With the current forecast we do not plan to be at market on Saturday unless there is a radical shift and change.  The weather looks like it will be windy and rainy, been there, done that, we will stay home and keep an eye on all of our buildings, hoping for the best.  We will be thinking about all of you too, best of luck to everyone, be safe.

Picture of the Week


Big Tops bare and tarps weighted down, the lull before the storm 

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