Peregrine Farm News Vol. 10 #33, 10/10/13

What’s been going on!

What is that saying “be careful what you wish for”?  Didn’t expect nearly two inches of rain on Monday or that it would continue to be damp through the week.  Only a week to go before Betsy and I leave for Italy and the cover crops have to be in the ground before we leave, no way around it.  Had hoped to get back on the tractor tomorrow but todays rain may push us back to Sunday between wet soil and having to get everything ready for market.  Argh!

Nothing else to do but read, cook and eat, or maybe go out to eat.  We are looking forward to an event this evening at ACME restaurant in Carrboro.  Billed as a Slow Food Ark of Taste dinner it revolves around our friend and fellow fellow in the Southern Foodways Alliance’s Fellowship of Southern Farmers, Artisans and Chefs Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills and his compatriot and chairman of the Carolina Gold Rice Foundation, Dr. David Shields.  Kevin Callahan of ACME is a great supporter of sustainable and local food and the menu will looks luscious, there may be a few seats left.

Picture of the Week


At least the Kale is happy with this weather

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