Peregrine Farm News Vol. 15 #6, 3/30/18

What’s been going on!

Forty springs means a lot of produce and flowers have passed through the Carrboro Farmers’ Market.  Yes this year is the Market’s 40th season!  It is sometimes hard to imagine that a group of farmers could consistently organize themselves and set up every Saturday for that many years and do it so well.  Now Peregrine Farm hasn’t been there from the beginning, we are only in our 33rd year, but we can completely appreciate the effort that has gone into starting and building the institution that the Carrboro Market is.

For those who don’t remember, our first 17 years were in the parking lot on Roberson St. behind the Armadillo Grill.  That location was just leased from Carr Mill and when they decided they might sell it we worked closely with the Town to find a new permanent home for what had become an essential element in the fabric of the Town of Carrboro.  We knew that we needed to stay near Downtown but a location could be hard to find.  Fortunately the old ball field next to Town Hall (which used to be the elementary school) was available to become a town park.  It took nearly eight years from the first discussions, through design meetings, to fund raising efforts and finally construction before we moved to the Town Commons in 1996.

I was President of the market Board leading up to and during the move and we were ecstatic with our new permanent home.  It was a tight fit as we had grown to an 80 space market but working with the Town it all worked out.  23 years later I am once again President of the board as we prepare to move back into the newly renovated market space after 5 long winter months.  The improvements are vast.  One of the biggest goals was to improve the drainage and grass so that it does not become a muddy moonscape after rains.  They have buried huge drain pipes and graded in such a way to catch all the water.  The grassed areas under where vendor’s trucks and displays will be have been reinforced with a special grid to hopefully prevent wear and tear.  New water permeable walkways, a bathroom building, new playground and market storage building, new lighting and electrical hookups for the vendors that need power.   Refurbished shelters and gazebo to make it all more usable for special events both for the Market and other Town events.  It will be awesome!

Technically the construction is done this week but we cannot move onto the new grass until April 14th so that it has adequate time to become solidly rooted and can take truck traffic.  Until then the good news is that the new parking lots will be open as well as the bathroom building.  We will be able to park some vendors in the south side parking lot and near the playground but will probably still have a few folks in the main parking lot next to Town Hall.

Just as our amazing customers and market supporters followed us from Roberson Street to the Town Commons 23 years ago, we have been equally proud and appreciative of how they have been flexible and unfazed during this renovation chaos!  It is only a short time now and just in time for the blooming of the spring market.  Join us next week April 7th for the official ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:00 a.m.

Picture of the Week


The ground breaking for building the Town Commons in 1995, Alex on the left was 15 😉

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Peregrine Farm News Vol. 14 #34, 10/26/17

What’s been going on!

First thing, I apologize to those of you who tried to reply to last week’s newsletter and it bounced back.  I had typed in the new return email address wrong, my fault but have it corrected now.  As part of integrating Jennie into all things Peregrine Farm we now have a joint email address so all three of can see messages and better respond to everyone.

News of the market renovations is becoming somewhat clearer.  We now know that we will be moving to just across the aisle from our regular spot and next to Chapel Hill Creamery.  It will feel like the end of the earth as we will be the very last vendor, farthest from what will be the main part of the market in the parking lot between Town Hall and the market shelters.  You will just have to come on down to see what beautiful food we will be offering.

The start date is also official.  We will be in our regular location for the next two Saturdays (28th and 4th) and then across the way starting Nov. 11th for the next 5 months.  Remember that market hours change to 9:00 on Nov. 4th.

Not only will vendors be taking up roughly 20 parking spaces in the lot between Town Hall and the market but during construction the small lot next or our spot and the lot next to Bim Street will also be closed.  There will still be parking along Bim, Laurel and Fidelity Streets, in the lots across Laurel, in front and behind Town Hall and the many other lots on the adjacent streets.  There is still plenty of parking within 100 feet of the market so just find your new regular space.  We are also more than happy to help carry items to your car or hold them while you get your car and can pull up right behind our space on Laurel Street.

As to real farm news, we are closely watching the forecast for the cold nights coming Sunday and Monday.  Probably won’t get down to the 28 degrees needed to kill the pepper plants but we will begin the final pepper pick over the next two days just in case and it is about time anyway.  We will cover a few rows to allow them to keep ripening over the next few weeks but the end of pepper season is in sight.

Picture of the Week


Cold 40 degree morning harvesting radishes and waiting on the sun to arrive

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Peregrine Farm News Vol. 14 #33, 10/19/17

What’s been going on!

Now we are talking real NC fall weather but a close call yesterday morning with 34 degrees and some patchy frost in spots.  The peppers live to produce yet more fruit a while longer.

Great working weather and we have been taking full advantage.  One more part day on the tractor seeding cover crops and the big fall soil preparations will be done.  It has taken a bit longer than usual due to many interruptions in the process from extracurricular activities but finished just in time for some rain early next week.

A typical extracurricular activity today as we will be attending a meeting with the Town of Carrboro about the renovations that are about to start at the market.  If you have not read the many notices from the Farmers’ Market or in other places we want you to be aware of how the fall market will go.

Much needed improvements to the market site are scheduled to start in early November and last through March.  Re-grading of the grassed areas, better drainage, a new bathroom building and more!  During that time all of the vendors in the outfield and probably the vendors under the shelters on the outfield side (that includes us) will be relocated to empty spaces on the other side of the shelters or into spots in the Town Hall parking lot.  Yes we will lose some parking spaces for customers but there is ample parking within 100 feet of the market.

We know that all of you will take these temporary changes in stride and not let a little movement keep you from coming to market.  The Town is working very hard with us to complete this project during the slower winter months so we can be back up and running at full capacity when the busy spring season returns.  We will keep you apprised of where we might be moving to so you can still find our beautiful fall produce.

Picture of the Week


Early warmth down in the pepper canyons

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