Peregrine Farm News Vol. 14 #3, 2/24/17

What’s been going on!

Let the real spring games begin!  But I can tell you that into our 36th spring that this is just not right, doesn’t feel right and certainly statistically is not right according to the National Phenology Index but here we go.

We have been planting (really mostly Jennie has been planting) for weeks now following our usual schedule with the knowledge that it could turn seriously cold at any time, remember last year when we lost all the blueberries to a late freeze?  We are at a point in the calendar now that it is full speed ahead, let’s hope for the best.

With lots of plants in the ground that means they need regular water, normally we rely on fairly consistent spring rains but not so this spring so yesterday, Feb. 23rd!, I had to fire up the irrigation system to get water to the four fields we have crops in, can’t rely on pulling hoses any more.  Many years we don’t have to do this until April.

The winter conference and travel season is over now.  Alex had another good backpacking trip to Big Bend National Park in Texas followed by several presentations at the Georgia Organics conference in Atlanta last weekend but we are all back now and busy not only with planting but also the last of the chainsaw work and other clean up chores.  Yet another season underway!

Picture of the Week


Newly irrigated lettuce on a slightly eerie foggy morning

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