Peregrine Farm News Vol. 17 #13, 4/15/20

What’s been going on! 

Thank you to everyone who called, emailed and texted us on Monday to make sure we were okay after the tornado passed near us.  Everything is fine here on the farm, all we got was some heavy rain.  We were up very early preparing and watching in case we did have to get into our safe place but both storms, one a confirmed tornado, went by to the northwest of us about five or six miles away.  Knowing the storms paths we, like you, began checking in with all of the farmers and others that we know in those areas and so far everyone we have talked with had no damage.

The only other tornado we have had near us was 26 years ago when one passed right over the mill in Saxapahaw and took the roof off.  Back then it was still a working yarn mill and that was the end of its commercial life.  It sat idle for some years before the renaissance that has become the miracle of Saxapahaw began.  Now the old mill is full of apartments, restaurants and the renowned Saxapahaw Ballroom music and event center.

Thank you again for everyone’s patience and understanding of what seem to be constant changes in the market routine as they are mostly out of the Market’s control.  Last week’s change to one entrance and exit and a limit on how many people could be in the market area at any one time was sprung on us late on Thursday by the Orange County Health Dept. while it is not ideal and might be tweaked some more this week you all were great at working with the change.  If you see our new market Manager Maggie give her a big thank you for handling so many changes and challenges in her first month with such grace and skill!  I can say that the Carrboro Farmers’ Market is doing an exemplary job of social distancing and managing the flow of people, far, far better than any other place I have been in the past month.

Picture of the week

P1050487Even on a gray day the green of spring is vibrant and the creek has returned to normal after the storm.

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