5/27/09 Vol. 6 #10

Rain, glorious rain, we have been missing the showers of the last week and have been irrigating everything lightly with an eye towards the sky not wanting to over water if it is going to dump rain on us.  Finally yesterday the skies opened over us and we had a good solid rain.  Chased us out of the field for an early end to the day but it was welcomed just the same.

Blueberry picking time has arrived and with power.  This first week we usually go through the planting with just us kids here on the farm and it only takes a couple of mornings to get all that are ripe.  This year the plants are heavy with fruit and it is already taking extra hands on deck to attempt to get them all picked.  We like to pick through the rows twice each week and so far we have only made it part way through on the first time around.  So many berries this year that it looks like mostly berries on the bushes and not many leaves.  Hang on.

Fortunately we have been preparing for this onslaught by getting as many other jobs around the farm done beforehand.  Now Betsy and I are mostly alone in working on the other areas of the place trying to keep up with the odds and ends and harvesting the other crops while the forces are massed up on the hill in the blueberry field.  This it the change of seasons and for the vegetable side of the business, blueberries are the bridge between lettuce season and tomato season.  I have been mowing down old lettuce and other spring crops and turning the residues under in preparation for late plantings of flowers.  Soon we will eat the first tomato and we will know that summer is offcially here.

Picture of the Week
Berries wet with yesterdays rain

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